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Monday, 26 July 2010 19:07

Aug 19 - Aug 29, 2010

SOME GIRL(S) by Neil LaBute is about a writer who has a blossoming career, a beautiful young fia...ncée who is waiting to get married and rush off to Cancún but decides before that can happen he has to get closure with some of the women from his past.

And so begins a single man's odyssey through hotel rooms, as he flies across the country in search of the perfect woman (whom he's already broken up with). SOME GIRL(S) is the latest work from Neil LaBute, American theater's great agent provocateur. In grand LaBute fashion, this by turns outrageously funny and deadly serious portrait of the artist as a young seducer casts a truthful, hilarious light on a typical young American male as he wanders through the heart of darkness that is himself.

“[LaBute's] view of modern men and women is unsparing... [He] is holding up a pitiless mirror to ourselves. We may not like what we see, but we can't deny that—if only in some dark corner of our souls—it is there.”
Jacques le Sourd, The Journal News

“LaBute...continues to probe the fascinating dark side of individualism... [His] great gift is to live in and to chronicle that murky area of not-knowing, which mankind spends much of its waking life denying.”
John Lahr, The New Yorker

  • Corey Volence
  • Jennifer Bonner
  • Leesa Halstead
  • Olivia Horn
  • Emily Killian
  • Renee Wilson
Director: Paul Castaneda

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